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dream allies

(you can see me talking about this work in my video artist statement)

Work in progress


donated piece for the cascadia aids art auction.

the moment i heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. lovers don't just meet somewhere... they are in each other all along - rumi

a tiny, little peek into my world.....

"The place where you are right now"

you already have the key

I am honored and excited to share with you my new(old) friend Semar. He is near and dear to my heart for so many reasons and I wish him the same beauty and truth he has given me over the years.
Semar comes to you from Central Java, a mysterious land full of wonder and secrets. His wooden body is Wayang Golek (rod puppet) wearing a traditional Javanese batik and extended forefinger (always pointing to the divine). Semar is a servant clown, with a protruding belly and crass sense of humor, he is sought after for his wisdom and even in his awkward, ugly human form, represents at the same time god and clown, the most spiritually refined and outwardly rough. He extremely popular with children, they delight in his super-powers and fart jokes.
As you can see Semar is a bit of a hybrid of creatures. His head is a raccoon skull (complete with monocle!)
Traditionally, Semar is the only character to have hair, so I choose a squirrel tail instead of a small tuft of water buffalo hair. His neck is made of two dear vertebrae.
His belt is non-traditional, made of fish, chicken and raccoon vertebrae, metal wire, small wooden Javanese beads and one Indonesian coin. His left hand is a raven foot. I consciously worked with animals of the earth, air and sea to represent the connection to the divine. Semar was completed on Sunday, May 30th in Portland Oregon by Treigh Love for Cannibals Gallery.